My PC/Xbox Projects

My PC Programming Projects
This is where my PC, and Xbox, programming stuff goes, but don’t expect anything earth shattering. Most of this content is written in C#, with possibly some older DarkBasic, programs. The C stuff is uploaded in the ‘ XNA Creators Club packed file’ format, and needs to be downloaded and unpack to a folder on your machine. No further install should be necessary. Any DarkBasic stuff will be uploaded as a self-runnable file.

UPDATED: 14 January 2014...
I just finished implementing all 100 of the level designs for Particumental. Now I need to concentrate on the sound effects and background music.

I've also been having a look at my hybrid Adventureland Retro-Remake project, and I've decided to cut the RPG elements out of this one, and split this off into another project to develop my hybrid top-down-RPG and Text Adventure engine. 

I do still intend to complete the original Adventureland remake, but will be concentrating on the text-input system only with this - making the interface much closer to the original. I'm primarily doing this to concentrate on honing the parser side of the engine, before making a completely new adventure game that is more suited to my custom RPG-Text framework.

The Adventureland game will be released free of charge on as much places as I can… probably starting with GameJolt.

UPDATED: 08 January 2014...
I just got some news from Desura today. The un-editable version of Machine Runner has been accepted  and is scheduled for release as part of the 'Freedom Friday' pack on the 24th of January 2014. 

UPDATED:  15 November 2013…
As far as C# XNA based stuff is concerned I've dropped the second game that was based on my ‘Box Game’ concept, for the present at least, and have been working on a simple little puzzle-type game, tentatively called Particumental.

This doesn't have any fixed player graphics and uses particles to make up the various ‘elements’ (Air, Fire, Earth, & Water) that float around the screen.

The game-play is simple, you control the mouse and have to collide certain elements together in order to clear the screen, but colliding incompatible objects create new objects… sometimes this is necessary in order to clear a stage.  Where some of my other stuff is fairly sedate, the idea was to make this game feel very vibrant and active, so most things you see both in game and on the menus are pretty much in constant motion.

I'm still not sure exactly where I'm going with this one, the basic mechanics are there but some of the graphics are still a bit rough, and the game is far from finished.

I should be able to get this polished up pretty soon though...

Longer term I'm intending to concentrate on ‘One day of Summer’ for a while, and maybe get something playable by the end of the year.

I'm also looking at remaking some very early games using C++, and possibly releasing them as a linked game-pack.

By ‘early’ I'm thinking about things based at the ‘Hunt the Wumpus,’ ‘Game of Life,’ ‘Snake,’ 'Tank Battle  level, but with a linked plot… 
Well it’s, sort off, on the drawing board right now anyway!

And I'm still poking around with Unity – so watch this space…

UPDATED:  22 August 2013…
OK, I haven’t updated this blog page for a little while, so I thought I’d put up a little bit about what I’m playing around with lately – just in case anyone is interested.

Machine RunnerFirst off I think my ‘Machine Runner’ game is pretty-much finished now, although it may still need some play-testing to iron out the last bugs.
The thing is, I'm not entirely sure what to do next? It now has a title screen, complete with instructions, and music that (I'm pretty sure) is ok  under the CC (Creative Commons) licence. Anyway, you can now run, jump, roll and kill yourself in various ways… generally very quickly. I wonder if I could make this one work on a phone?
I don’t think it’s worth the fees to add this to Xbox Live, as it would probably just get lost in the indie throng anyway.  So, any ideas on where this simple ‘twitch’ game may find an audience would be gratefully received.

Secondly my ‘One day of summer’ game is coming along nicely, although I haven’t spent that much time on it lately. It now has 25 screens you can freely walk through, with all the exits working properly. It now also has the ability to recognise when you are standing in front of a usable object. Next thing is just to get all the ‘things you can do’ in there so I can get the scoring system up and running. This is nearing the end of the engine-development stage and entering into the ‘setting up the game data’ stage. I do still have a fair bit of game tweaking to do though, and a lot of the graphics still need a bit of a polish.

Despite my best efforts I also started work on another XNA project. This one is a remake of the very retro Adventureland, which to those who don’t know was a very early text-only adventure game. Mine is a bit of a text-adventure come old-style top-down RPG hybrid, and it’s also coming along nicely. I do have the basic game engine structure, although ther’s still a fair bit of work to be done on the parser… then comes all the game data and graphics setup and loading bit. To be fair some of this is already done but to usable, because I have a pre-defined data template for this one. After all the ‘game’ as in the text and puzzles part was already written.

Oh yeh, and I’ve been playing around with a couple of small ‘circular motion’ demos programs I wrote, one 2D one 3D,  that may or may not come to anything…

So that’s what I’m occasionally doing as far as XNA  is concerned.

I'll get a few links up here soon... Thanks for looking.

UPDATED:  05 May 2013…
The following screenshots are from the Beta version of Machine Runner, another PC based game I'm working on.
This is one  of the games I based on the run-and-jump theme explored in the Alpha demo program shown below...


This is very much a fast paced 'twitch' game, and I'd appreciate any comments on the art-style of this one.

UPDATED:  05 May 2013…

This is a quick screen shot from the menu of an early version of my 'One Day Of Summer' game.

 Not much has been done to this so far, but it's going to be a sort of open world side-on arcade-adventure based on doing as much things as you can in one day in the life of the main character 'Summer."

The menu shows a three level parallax scrolling screen with the 'Summer' character skipping along in the middle...

UPDATED:  21 March 2013…
I first stumbled across the XNA libraries after having to learn C# for work. And have been toying with the idea of making a ‘proper’ Indie game that could run on a PC and Xbox, using this system. My first proper attempt at an Indi game is still very much under development…
But you can have a look at an early Alpha ‘proof of concept’ program here > , this shows my initial idea for this game. The game itself is currently under development and will probably feature hand-drawn, and or painted, backdrops and foreground object graphics.

The Controlls for the ‘proof of concept’ game are:
Xbox Controller Right Shoulder + ‘A’ Button or the 'A' Key
Xbox Controller ‘A’ Button or the 'Z'  Key
Xbox Controller Thumb Pad Left or the '<'  Key
Xbox Controller Thumb Pad Right or the '>'  Key

Xbox Controller ‘Start’ Button or SPACE Key
Xbox Controller ‘Back’ Button or ECSAPE Key
 High Jump.
 Long Jump.
 Stop Running.
 Go Faster.

 Start Game.
 Quit Game.

Only one ‘test’ level is included, and this program is used for development and testing so may have a few bugs, but it is playable (and finish-able).
There were no viruses on the file I uploaded!
The player has to 'guide' the on-screen character across the constantly scrolling play-area by performing actions as the character runs over one of the flashing question-marks. Most actions can only be performed once, except for the 'stop' action. Pressing forwards will release this option, and the question mark will once again flash: allowing another action to be performed, if you are quick enough.
When an action is performed the question-mark box changes to show the action taken.

Oh yes I almost forgot, the level-map is stored on a map.txt file which is intended to be editable. If I ever release a ‘proper’ version of this I would probably include a level editor program with it. But you can change the level layout, and size, by updating this map, or making your own from scratch.

Thanks to anybody who takes the time to look, but don’t expect too much. Remember this is only a small, alpha ‘proof of concept’ program, but I would welcome your views on the concept.
If there’s any interest I may tidy this up, add some other levels, and offer it as a free game (on PC anyway, M$ isn’t too keen on ‘free’ for the Xbox.)

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