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This section shows any of my relevant web based projects, although I don’t have a lot of time to spend on upkeep of my older sites any-more.

I've recently come across a couple of older applications I started developing from  ideas I first had over four or five years ago, and they actually seem a bit better that I remembered.
Unfortunately both were programmed to use a MySQL database back-end, so I never got as far as putting ether of them up on an external web-hosting site, and now not much more that the login pages will work without me rebuilding their databases. Fortunately I do now know that I still have a couple of test databases on an old machine at home. So I’d be very interested to hear any of your opinions or thoughts on these applications, whether good or bad…
The first one is: ATTACH BOX – A drag-and-drop based page-building social/blogging site…
Login Screen :-

What is attachBox?
     attachBox is a social networking site with a difference!
It allows you to interact with your family and friends by creating a series of dynamically created Web-like pages.
You can create as many or as few pages as you want.
The pages are built using an easy to understand drag-and-drop interface, and Edited by a simple button-click
You may find that attachBox looks and feels more like a desktop application than most web-sites.
This look is intentional and is designed to give a more streamlined and less ‘flat’ environment for displaying your thoughts.

Why a social Blogging site?
     There are three main social aspects of the site: the ability to send private messages to other users possibly commenting on their pages, and the ability to form a friends and private view list for more personal interaction are accessed from the applications menu.
The third social aspect is the ability to create a special item called a ChatBox, this allows Forum-like discussions to take place within a page. In this case only the page type decides who can reply, this feature is at the heart of attachBox and provides a platform for open discussion on any topic you like!
Like a Web-Blog you can create any web content you like. Unlike a Blog this is done through an ICON based drag-and-drop system.
Using this interface you can place an item on the browser page by dragging the appropriate ICON to the position you want that item to be.
Then by simply double-clicking the ICON you can place the text, picture, or other item on the page. When one page is finished you can simple create another and start again.

The second site is: HaverFish – A dynamically user-generated social messaging site…
Login & Info Screens :-

This is really just a small taster of what I did with these, although there are still a few rough edges, but as I said, some of the features are better that I remembered. Let me know if you are interested in learning any more about any of these, I may consider resurrecting ether, or both. So please feel free to let me know if you have a hosting suggestion… free-sites with MySQL and ASP support would be good.

I've been playing around with an idea for a simple text posting message script lately. I started off with a basic ASP file that let you enter text and then added this as a 'post-it' note with the input text to a web page generated by the script.
I've since added to the initial program and you can now add sub-posts as well as search the posts and enforce a limit to the amount of posts seen on screen ether as an arbitrary number or between given dates. I've also added top-level folders for different types of post.
I've called it FreeNote and the current version looks like this:

 I'm looking for a good asp and JavaScript enabled host site to put this up on. Any ideas?
A decent free-host would be good for testing, but a cheep enough pay-host would be fine as well.

 I run the ‘Dusty Desktops’ site, which is primarily a tip-of-the-hat to old computers and desktop interfaces. Although it isn't limited to old stuff, nor is it limited to the desktop systems themselves, as it also looks at some of the landmark games and other programs that first appeared on the various platforms.

As you've probably guessed from the screenshot, this site attempts to ape the visual style of an old desktop app, and relies heavily on JavaScript. Although I try to make sure it runs on most browsers, you are probably best off viewing it through I.E. 7 or later.
Sorry about that...

This project is continually ongoing, so expect things to appear, disappear, or change at any time. I try to make sure everything downloadable is all legal and above-board, but I'm always interested if you think anything suspect creeps in, or just in your comments in general.

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  1. Just thought I'd mention that I'm working on another site with a slightly more advanced version of the 'Dusty Desktops' interface, but this onw is much more about downloads, and project resource stuff.
    I'm planning to hopefully put this up sometime this year. Not that I'm very sure anyone has looked at the original site! But hey, ho... It gives me something to do...
    .. E.r. Instead of all the things I'm supposed to be doing...