Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hello and welcome to my Computer Games Blog

Hello, I’m Garry and this is my blog about all things computer-game related.
To a lot of today’s gamming-generation I’m probably an old-fart. That’s ok. I’m old, and I fart. So why should you listen to me rambling on about… well any stuff and nonsense that enters my head really?
Well, I could say that I was around, and playing games, since the advent of the first TV-games consoles. I could say that I have worked in the computer industry most of my life, or I could even regale you with tales of my teenage attempts to write knock-off programs for the 8bit home computer market. But that could all be pretty boring really!

Like most other bloggers, all I really have is my own view and take on things. Well, that and a lot of questions. So if you like my ramblings, or at lest find them interesting, feel free to follow. If not, well I’m quite happy to talk to myself… it’s only when you answer back that you should begin to worry, right?

As I said I’ll be covering pretty much anything, games related, that pops into my head on this blog. That means a fair amount of retro musings, as well as the more up-to-date stuff.
I’d like to think I’m one of those people who can see a good game, and a bad one, for what it is irrespective of what level of technology it’s using. That doesn’t mean this is a retro-love blog. People seem to forget how much utter crud was released for the ‘classic’ machines of the past.

Oh, I’m also a bit of a collector, or should that be hoarder, of computer and games systems and their software. So expect some stuff on that from time to time. Although as a family we do have at least one of practically every current games console, and they are all, more or less, in daily use.

That’s about it really. Welcome to my Computer Games blog.


  1. Hi there, I'm RKS :) I look forward to reading your future musings! I'm not really interested in modern gaming but I'll be sure to check out any retro-flavoured stuff

  2. Your blog is awesome, thanks for writing ;)